The Gentlemen’s Alliance Cross vol 1-9 review


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first words- I rember reading the preview for this manga in one of the issues of Shoujo Beat, and I decided to buy the first volume and it came with a poster too, that I proudly have haning on my wall. I fell in love with it and have all the volumes that are out. This is my favorite shoujo manga.

story- B not the best one but it is depressing like a visual arts Key game, you know Air, Kanon, and my personal favorite Clannad. Haine was sold by her father for 50 million yen and is now a daughter of the Otomiya family. Sge used to be a yanki but she stoped her ways when she meet Shizumasa Togu who she has been in love with ever since he wrote her favorite picture book as a child. Now she has been appointed to the student council and has become his (fake) lover AKA the platinum. There are so many plot twists, you just got to read to find out.

charachters- A, Haine has such a sad yet sometimes touching life story about her you cant help but think this is very Key like. Shizumasa has a secret you have to read to find out. Maguri is the gay guy in love with Shizumasa. Ushio is Haine’s pretty best freind who loves Haine in a very yuri way. Mao chan is the cutie with a major secret you find out in the second volume. All the charachters are beautiful and remind me of Key charachters.

art- A, What do I say Arina Tanemura draws beautiful work. Her linewok is impresive and her fenmale charachters are all cute or pretty and Moe, and the guys are all bishie. In the case of Touya he is really cute and is the moe sort of guy. Tanemura sensei is the master of composistion.

overall- A+, A great manga, it is got one great story line, cute charachters, and it can be depressing sometimes. So if you are waiting for Kyoto Animation to announce an anime project of Little Busters, and your a fan of Kanon, Air, and Clannad like me read this manga. It is good yet deppressing.


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