Luna Online review



first words- I was on the internet and found a cute anime MMORPG called Luna Online, there was a US server in the works and knew it was coming. Well I went on Crunchyroll and found an ad so the US server was ready, so I downloaded it and fell in  love

Music-C not the best soundtrack, it was appriopiate and fit the scene perfectly. Not something I would media convert from a youtube video file.

gameplay-A not hard, you basilly click on a monster find out it’s level and click again to attack. It is quite fun, you can battle other users, make freinds, and join parties and you can level up pretty fast.

charachters-A Unlike most MMO’s you dont have lots of hairstyles and clothes to chose from. However in the begining you start out in the same outfit. Weather you are a girl or a guy you can make either a femle or a male charachter. I have seen many charachters who like mine (yikes), it’s way better than Ether Saga (review comming soon)

Overall-A+ it is really fun, I think I like it even better than Mabinogi. However there is some yuri and ecchi so if those things offend you and you are a hardcore yaoi fan girl, you might want to stick to Mabinogi and call it a day.


One Response to “Luna Online review”

  1. Millenium Sakaya Says:

    Kawaii!!! ❤ I kept on looking for a good game I wanted to play, since I am tired of playing Rumble Fighter all day. This game is soo cute! X3

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