Reborn vol 1-10 review


Reborn vol 1-10
now on sale from Viz Media
rated- T+
first impression- Back in October 2006, when this series was first getting released, I passed this off as another naruto or Bleach. I was like WTF when I saw the cover. But those days are long gone, I first saw and fell in love with the anime back in June 08, so I naturally decided to read the english manga, and have fallen in love with it. I even made an parody, that I want to make into an eroge.
story- A, Tsuna is your average lozer, oh but he is so cute. Well one day a home tutor named Reborn suddenly comes to his house, to make Tsuna into the tenth generation boss of the Vongola family. Tsuna meets bishie bomber Gokudera Hayato who becomes his faithful servant, much to Tsuna’s embarrament. The is also the bishie atleate Yamotmo Takeshi, who thinks the mafia is a fun game. The is the really cute girl Kyoko who is the girl of Tsuna’s dreams, her child hating best freind Hana. Oh and one of my favorites Hinari Kyouya, the head of the perfects and resident ice boy. Haru has a crush on Tsuna and loves cute things. There is also crybaby cow boy Lambo who can age ten years thanks to his ten year booszoka (and yes ten years later he is still a crybaby). Chinese cutie and gyoza kempo expert I-Pin who is really a girl. Sasagawa Ryohei the boxing nut and wants Tsuna to join the boxing club, oh and he is Kyoko’s older brother. Super bishie yet super klutz Dino the boss of the Chilavorane family. Later in the series we meet the bad ass bastard Mukuro Rokudo who wants to take over Tsuna’s body to destory the mafia. And finally in volume ten it is the start of my favorite arc when the Varia, the Vongola’s assasination squad comes in, to face of a series of Variable Geo like battles with the tenth generation Vongola boss at stake. Sound a bit much?
Translation- C I would give this an A if viz did not change so many things from the orignal japanese. Like we all know Gokudera calls Tsuna juudaime, which translated to tenth, but Viz decided to have Gokudera call Tsuna boss. Instead of dying will bullet we get deathperation shot, Colonello who shows up later no longer says hey after his setnaces. Instead of mukuro’s famous Kufufufufu it is just heheheheh. And the worst part the changed Squalo’s voi to hey. And I guaentee Belphegor’s shishsishsi’s are going to be hehehehehe.
art- B Akira Amano has become one of my favorite manga artists, her art shows she know how to draw bishie boys and pretty girls. My only complaint about there are too many boys and not enough girls, which expalins why Reborn has a large female fanbase, and yaoi doujinshi. It saddens me that there is barley any hentai doujinshi. charachters- A the best part, the charachters all hold a special place in my heart. I have a fangirly love for pretty much all the guys and an Akiba nerds love of the girls. I love how Bianchi holds food like a waitress and does not wear a skirt. It shows how Akira Amano is not like those Moe artists who draw waitresses in nothing but skirts and dresses.
overall- A+ I can’t believe I did not like this series. so what if the pages are full of drool worthy bishie boys, there is a few eyecandy for the guys and a little fanservice to top it all off. So what are you waitng for, go to the bookstore and get this manga now, you wont regret it. And if you belong to Crunchyroll check out the anime, it is awsome. Despite the changes Viz makes, reborn is a great series to read, besides all that stuff is in the anime.


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