Megaman Star Force 3 now on sale


in the Gamestop near the Short Pump movie theater


Gamestop at Short Pump town center


I got Back Ace


Megaman Star Force 3 was released to store shelves on the 30th of June. But it did not arrive at my local Gamestop until July 1. My first thoughts are if you hate english dubs, you will be a little disapointed as this game has a little voice acting in it. That makes me mad, the first two games were voice free. I am not a big fan of dubs thanks to 4Kids. But anyway if you are a Megaman fan pick it up today. I will upload some more pics of the game in my local Gamestop stores, as soon as I can figure out how to get pictures from my digital camera on my computer.


2 Responses to “Megaman Star Force 3 now on sale”

  1. BuraiSNK Says:

    can i have your friend code? i also got blackace

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