cosplay I want to do

since it is almost halloween I want to show the world the cosplay I want to do

1.3954307813a4166058975b508175015ml Hibiki Misora( Sonia Strum) from Ruysei No Rockman (Megaman Star Force)

why- because she is my favorite gorl from the Megaman series and she is cute.

2.yuki[2] Cross Yuki from Vampire Knight

why- I have the brown hair the thigh high stockings, and she is a great shoujo hearoine that I have a lot o respect for. and she is cute no wonder Zero and Kaname like her ^_^

3.Haineotomiyakuva Otomiya Haine from the Gentlemens Alliance

why- She is the heroine I look up to, she has been put up through a lot of crap in her life and she remains upbeat she is the perfect role model

4.mabinogi_nao_C Nao from Mabinogi

why- I fell in love with this girl several years before Mabinogi came to the US and now that is here I love this girl she is sweet and I really want to cosplay her. If only they would make a costume

5. 0682915222b290_full Lenalee from D. Gray Man

why- I know D.Gray gals (fangirls) dont give Lenalee a chance because they wouyld rather see Allen with Lavi or Kanda ( I dont like yaoi). Bute Lenalee is my favorite female charachter. I wasnt tp cosplay her because it sounds fun.

6. Yuka_Minase Minase Yuka from 11 Eyes

why- I have always been intrested in 11 Eyes before the anime version was announced, when it was announced I got exited and now Crunchyroll is streaming it (yay).( first look mini review comming soon.) I love Yuka the heroine, I love girls named Yuka. I have the brown hair and the stockings like I mentioned with Yuki, and ebay has coustumes.

7.st_jsgw_f Hatsune Miku from Vocaloid

why- everyone loves her ( you do to admit it) cosplaying her sounds fun, and the coustume is just a hop skip and a jump away to Ebay.

8.maylMeiru (Malyu) from Rockman EXE (Megaman Battle Network

why- I love her, she is Lan’s gal. She is cute and looks fun to cosplay. I have the socks

9.img109Hijikata Tomoyo (gender bender) from Gintama

why- I love drawing my favorite anime guys as girls and I coundent resist doing Hijikata Toshiro (Toshi) as a girl, and a tsundere to boot. All I need is a Shinsengumi outfit ( easily sold at Ebay) with a miniskirt Yes I said miniskirt. I have a black hair wig, and the socks, now all I need is black boots, mine are laceup. (dodging the Toshi fangirls angry wrath) while Okita chan (yes I also gender bendered him) laughs, just wait till you see Kondo chan


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