Black Butler english manga volume 1 release date confirmed


Ok the anime has not been licensed yet and no news on the second season, but english speaking Kuroshitsuji fans perk up, in my copy of the Right Stuf catolog, I searched in the manga section and have found the realse date. Be prepared for a long wait, I’m allready crying (LOL). Black Butler volume 1 is going to go on sale on Januray 31, 2010. Why at the end at the end the month (sob). But I am thanking Yen press from the bottom of my heart, thank you very much for licensing the Black Butler manga, hopefully the anime will follow by someday soon. If you have been following Yen Plus it has been serilized since August 2009, wow how time flies. Here is an issue with Sebby on the cover

anthology13bStart couting the days. It’s going to be a long wait, but worth it. A revised version of my Kuroshitsuji review from myanimelist comming soon.


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