Gift the game now on sale on Itunes

Back in October 2006 I rember a mediorcre anime called Gift Eternal Rainbow aired, the same time as the famous Kanon 2006. The anime was just tipcal eroge anime like most of them are. Neither the anime nor the manga was licensed for US disturution, the orginal game without the sex was released on the Itunes store in both Japanese and english. The english version is only $9.99, the Japanese was $15.99. The game has many typo’s but it is still playable. This is all ture, I am not lying, Kira Kira is also avaiable.

Edit- Matrix put 11eyes on the Itunes store but only in Japanese. Please do an english release please, I want to play 11eyes so bad


One Response to “Gift the game now on sale on Itunes”

  1. indah puti Says:

    i like because i loved rainbow

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