Anime USA November 21

I went to Anime USA in Arlgton Viginia and had a blast. I cosplayed Kagura from Gintama

ok my cosplay is not so good. I did not se any other Gintama cosplayers either. I also went to the maid cafe. It was easy to get into, you just buy tickets for what you want, and give them to your maid. At Katsucon you had to make a reservation and the line was long and did not budge, so I gave up then. I had an onigiri, yum. The maids wore a variety of maid outfits and looked nice.

notable cosplay

many Misa’s from Death Note

Light, L and Mello also from Death Note

Tsuna and Hibari from Reborn

Lelouch and Shirley from Code Geass

Kamina from Gurren Laghn

Minori and Ryugi from Toradora

Battler, Jessica, and Maria from Umineko

someone from Ghostbusters

3 Sebastians, 4 Ciel’s and 2 Grell’s from Kuroshitsuji. I had the privialge of riding an elevator with Sebastian cosplayers twicd

yuri pic yay

and here is the stuff I bought

not pictured, Crtical Point and Snow Sakura, two eroge’s from J-list. Yeah they were there. I manged to find a Hijikata plushie (yay).

my new Grell and Sebby from Kuroshitsuji buttons

my next con post will be Katsucon


2 Responses to “Anime USA November 21”

  1. Yasha Says:

    You should cosplay as someone from Gintama for Katsucon 2011 😀
    Trying to get as many people to dress up from gintama as possible!

  2. Yasha Says:

    You should dress up as a charie from Gintama from Katsucon 2011! Trying to get as many people to dress up as someone from Gintama 🙂

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