katsucon 2010, saturday

I went to Katsucon on Saturday and had a blast. I went all out this year in my cosplay instead of my half assed Squalo cosplay as last year. This time I did gender bender Hijikata. The con center was incredible, it reminded me of Embassy Suites hotels.

all the stuff I bought, not pictured, Pick Me honey and Tottemo Pheronome, Two H games from G-Collections. I mangaed to find Oulanders on DVD, glad I got it because CPM went out of business. I also get a Takasugi Shinsuke plushie, never seen that on Ebay. I also got a Takasugi charamate and a Kagura cookie like strap.

notable cosplay

2 Grell’s, many Ciels, 1 Sebastian, 2 Undertakers and 2 Madam Red’s from Kuroshitsuji

many Yoko’s, 1 Kamin nd 1 Simon from Gurren Laghn

1 C.C., and serveral Lelouch’s from Code Geass

many Orginazation 13’s from Kingdom Hearts

1 Tsuna, 2 Gokudera’s and 1 Chrome from KHR

2 Gintoki’s from Gintama (joy)

one historical Shinsengumi


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