Snow Sakura (eroge review)

Today I finally finished tthe eroge Snow Sakura made by D.O. and released in english by G-collections. I purchased the game at Anime USA 2009. Now this is the kind of eroge I want to play, a love story not a sex romp like most G-Collections games. I hve to admit I like this game, it just was not the masterpiece I was hoping for, but it is a great game nerver the less.

story- when I first heard of this game, my thoughts were like Kanon (the snow) meets Da Capo (the sakura in the wrong season). However the game has the cliches you see in every bishoujo game and anime, the average hero (Yuuji) the pretty main heroine (Misaki) the tsundere or cousin(Saki), and of course the idiot freind(Sumiyoshi). You as Yuji are moving to Hokkido with your cousin Saki, who is a total tsundere, for once who does not wear thigh high’s like all the others. There is the pretty main heroine Misaki, her klutzy sister and you history tear, Kozue has a yuri thing for Misaki, Rei the cool and smart girl in glasses who is also a miko, and of course the idiot freind Sumiyoshi, he can be a phethedic Sunihara from Clannad (the ultimate idiot frind). Each herione path has drama, but it was not the Key like level of drama. I liked Misato’s path the best. The bad endings are not tragic or sad just life goes on.

sound- simple generic music you hear in a lot bisoujo games, but some songs were good, I have the OST on my Ipod. The opping and ending theme is a happy J pop song, not grounbraking song like the Key games, but not a bad listen either. The seiyu’s were fine, just no speactular voice acting, everyone has a voice epect the protaginst, but he was voiced in one sence. Even male charachters in the backround have voices, a lot of eroge’s I have played, male charachters in the backround have no voices even the female charachters(I’m Going To Serve You 4)

art- the game’s story may not be a masterpiece, but the art in this game is stellar, the male charchters look bland( well it is a bisoujo game )  the girls look nice, so yes if you want good art, this game is for you.

system- you read the text and make desions, typical stuff, I like that way. Also really helpful is skip previously read messages, goes by in a breeze.

Translation- it is professionatranslation, so no honofics, In the discription on the J list site, where the chracters are introduced the names are in the orginal Japnese order, however in the acutal game they are westernised, what the hell G-Collections?


Souyo Misaki- The main heroine of the story, cute but a total airhead. A nice girl, the younger sister of Misato the gang’s history teachedr, Misaki has her act better than Misato-sensei

sorry pictures for the other heroines are not avaible yet

Tachibana Saki- your cosusin and a tsundere, she makes makes your breakfest for you. To Yuuji she is another guy freind and her grades are not good.

Hiyama Kozue- Another one of your classmates she has yuri things and admires Misaki, she is the daughter of a welthy family.

Kisaragi Rei- your sempai, she is a shrine maiden at Yukito shrine where the Snow Skura is located. She also has a bad habit of smoking. Rei is pressured about her future

Souya misato- The big sister of Misaki and everyone’s history teacher. She is a big fan of Hijikata Toshizo of the Shinsengumi ( she would get a big kick out of Gintama) She is also a kluzts and dpes not have her act togther

overall- It is a good game not a masterpiece, if you are tired of G-Collections releaseing sex romp after sex romp, this the game for you.


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