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Gintama collection 1 now on sale

April 23, 2010

Gintama the anime has finally been released in Amercia, I just recieved my copy in the mail today. Unfortnly the series is sub only. I got mine at Right Stuf all under 30 bucks.


Megaman Megamix vol 1 now on sale

April 13, 2010

Megaman Megimix vol 1 has finally been released. They did a great job translating, and great artwork. The robot masters look bad ass. Volume 2 is coming in April. The book had ad’s for Megaman ZX manga, hopefully they will get the starforce manga as well

April 2010 poll- Mario or Sonic?

April 12, 2010

since Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog are rivals, who do you perfer?

eroge review- I’m Going To Serve You 4

April 6, 2010

Look at that cover it looks like just another sex romp, think again. Dont let this cover fool you this is a great game, and the first eroge I played.

story- You are average joe Koji, you are walking home from school with your freind Himeko and nearly get killed in a car accident, you wake up in Amercia, and then go back to Japan after recovering and having sex with your hot Amercian docter. When you return home you move in with your uncle, and four girls live with you and work at his uncles ressturant and they all love Kouji.  Aint he just the luckiest lad alive?  Yeah it sounds typical, but each heroine has a plot twist, and it makes the game so much fun. 

art- The art in this game is incredible, the heroines are beautful, the art in the backround is very detalied. The Trabulance artist is one of my favorites, their art is great and their girls are beautiful. So the art is just flawless.

music- Good job here too, each song is perfect for each scene and it dosent sound half assed like in Pick Me Honey. The oppening theme is sung by the women who does the songs in all of Trabulances games. This song is nice and reminds of Love Hina, so it brings the nostalgia feelings back.  My main prplem during the game when the current song in that scene ends, it dosent loop again, so you need to get used to it. The voice acting is not a masterpiece but gets the job done. However backround people never have voices, not even the women, expect your classmates during school scenes

ero- Not as much as other Traulance games but there are plenty of ero scenes. Usually when you take a girls path there are many harem scenes were a girl does something sexy, like putting friut on the bodies to eat or wash you in the bath, It’s way better then in Pick Me Honey. The english verison is 100 percent uncensored, so no worries about censorship.

system- near the begging of each day you chose which girl you want to be with, in a charachter slection screen, soon you get two choices click on the first choice each time you decide and you get the best ending, chose the bottom choices each time and get the other ending easy stuff. You can also skip previouslly read messages, and it goes by fast

overall- Dont let that sexy cover of Himeko scare you away this ia probally the best Trabulance game out there. Sure you might think it is nothing special, but each heroine has a plot twist and you have to see it to believe it, my personal favorite path was Leo’s. Sure there were things they could improve on, but this is a great game to play.  You should hurry and get your copy soon, the package edion is going out of print.