Eroge review- Pick Me Honey!

Hands down the worst bisoujo game I have ever played. When I dicovered how good I’m Going To Serve You 4 was, I thought ither Traubulance games would be good, I picked this game up at Katsucon at 2010, hoping for another good time, however this game was horrible.

story- D, typical your average joe hero, borthday’s coming up, so he wants to have a party with tons of hot zettai ryoikki girls. However dady says you are to take over the family bussiness so Reiji (the average joe) has to marry one of the girls in the room (Hazuki, Chihiro, and Mio), so basically they have sex with you untill you decide who you want, and have more sex. After you have the girls you can go after the adults as well, (Yoriko and Fubuta).

Art- A, the only goood thing in this game is the art. Just like all Traubulance games the art is stunning, they went all out to make the art great. The backrounds are well detailed, and the charachter art is stunning.

sound- C, the music is not as good as I’m Going To Serve You 4, heck it sounds typical like in a lot of bisoujo games, and unlike their earlier games, when the curent backround songs ends, it loops again, a good improvement. The voice acting is good, however backround charachters arent voiced, like Reiji and his father, some girls in the classrooms are voiced. There are several nayghty words bleeped out in the sex scenes, must be Japnese censorship laws.

system- A, you know you read the text make choices, the way I like it. And you can skip messages and save, plenty of save slots. Usually at the beging of the day you pick the hroine you want to hang with, in that screen they are in chibi form.

Ero- F, so much and it’s so disturbing, instead of a nice romanitc ride on a fercial (sorry typo) whell with Hazuki, you have to have sex with her instead. You have anal sex with Mio, and when she took a bath and scremed you dont want to know why she scremed.  And you have to have sex with Chirhiro when she is trying to cut carotts for dinner. I think you get the idea on how sick this game is. Oh and after you finish the hroines you get a harem route (yay more nasty sex). So yea if you love creappy sex scenes this game is for you.

overall- D, I am sure there are worse games then this like Water Closet, and there are several impovments from their ealier games like the music loops again when it ends, and having a staff roll. But even thast does not save it from getting near the bottom of the shit barel, so if you are looking for a good Trabulance game go for I’m Going To Serve You 4 or Tottemo Phermone, avoid this one at all costs, unless you like creapy sex romps.


One Response to “Eroge review- Pick Me Honey!”

  1. erogelist Says:

    this game doesn’t have a decent storyline and only bunch of hentai cgs for you to view and enjoy. although i did enjoy the cgs the story line killed the essence of this game becoming good.

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