Gintama part 1 DVD review

So yay Gintama is out on R1 DVD, here is a review of it

packghing- A standard DVD case with a cool picture with Gintoki in action, on the back has a picture of Kagura and Shinpachi, which will be on the cover of cellction 2. The two discs are held on each side, the pictures on them are from some of the Japnese DVD releases.

story- Edo has been invaded my aliens AKA the amanto, 20 years after the war, Gintoki Is trying to get by as an odd jobs man, and will do anything for money, He meets Shinpachi Shimura after Gin-san ruined Shins job, he helps Shins sister from working at a shady nightlub. And they along with an alien Kagura are the Yoruza or Odd Jobs Gin.

sound- Gintama has all sorts of music, from rock and roll to country to just some strange songs, and of course some bad ass rock for action scenes. The subtitle and eye catcher all have a rock flavor.  As with most Sentai Filmworks releses there is no english dub, however with Clannad and several other titles, if Gintama does well it could get a dub, however I am not holding my breath. Gintama seems hard to dub, with all it’s Japnese jokes and langue puns, might not translate well in english, for example the joke where Prince Hata is called a baka prince or idiot in Japnese, in the subtitles it was changed to pin head prince. the voice acting does well to handle the nonsence. because there is a lot of it.

translation- you know like most anime DVD releases in the US, no honophics, names are westernised. Nothing ususal to point there, I metoned above abought the pin head prince joke above

overall- Highly recamended, I hate why anime subtitles have to westernise the names. Isao Kondo and Sougo Okita just sound akward, Beisdes the way Japanese names are done sounds a lot cooler than their western counterparts.


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