Ok time for a random post.

Why does every doujin and bisoujo game artist draw To Heart 2 fan art? What is so great about it, it’s boring nothing special. Why cant they draw fanart for Family Project or the orginal To Heart? So no Family Project is not the greatest 18+ visual novel of all time, it’s To Heart 2 Another Days. Here some examples from my favorite doujin artists

Hiro Suzuhira


Aoi Nishitama

Naru Nanao

Aoi Nishitama

Naru Nanao

you get the idea. Even the author of Girls Bravo has drawn To Heart 2 fanart. I admit it has cute charachters, but To Heart 2 to me is just worthless and not a masterpiece everyone thinks it is. I want to see these artists draw Matsuri from Family Project


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