Anime Mid Alantic 2010

I was at AMA on Satutday and has an aswome time. I met a lot of cool people there. So if I met you there I am Magicalgirlj, this is my blog. I went to an intresting panel about death and shinsigami in Japanese cluture. I was cosplaying Okita gender bender, Sorry I did not take any pictures of me cosplaying the zipper on my vest broke, I wrote a blog about my Shinsengumi outfit, so you can see my Okita-chan cosplay there.

The figures I bought, I got the big one (Nagisa from Clannad) for only 24.99. The smaller figures were only 2.00 dollard each. I know I compalained about how much I hate seeing doujin artists always draw To Heart 2 fan art, I could not resist on how cute the To heart 2 figure was, she is missing a hand. The others are Mai from My Hime and Kano from Air

My buttons. I bought the super happy simeley face for my buddy Joe who could not come. I foud a Zero from Megaman X button, yay I love Zero. They gave some free goddies at the Otakaon table. I want to go there, but I will probally be at the beach, and it’s too far of a driveI bought a lot of Gintama charamates hoping for Hijikata, I got the silver Gintoki for free, the guy at that booth says it came with a box of it. Since I dont have a lot of room for more charamates on my cellphone, I put these on a charm braclet. I thought the Okita plush keychain was cuter than Hijikata so I got Okita instead

All the good I got. No hentai games though, at least they had hentai this year. I got the Air S.A.V.E. edition for only 20 bucks. I also got all three volumes of Gunslinger packed toghether for the same price. They had a Hatsune Miku shirt so I got an X large, although I think it’s pretty small. And I also got a Kamina plushie, yay.

notable cosplay

sevral Hatsune Miku’s, 1 Len, and 1 Luka

Kamina and Yoko and several Simons from Gurren Laghn

1 C.C. from Code Geass, with a Pizza Hut box

2 Sebastian, 3 Ciels and 1 Grell from Kuroshitsuji

Lots of Hetalia Axis Powers, I personally dont care for that show, I was waitng for Shinigami panel, the Hetalia pannel was still going on, so many girls even guys were packed in thar room

two Rosario Vampire charachters

many Yuki Crosses from Vampire Kngiht

1 L, 1 Mello and 2 Misa’s from Death Note

1 Tohou the bunny girl (sorry dont know the name)

Nostalgia Critic (too bad there was no AVGN cosplayer as well)

My next con post will be Anime USA


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