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Suprise Black Butler dub cast announnced

July 30, 2010

read all about it here

Today Funi announced the Black Butler dub cast


Angel Beats! review

July 11, 2010

So I finally saw all 13 episodes of Angel Beats!, and I loved it. So here is a review of it. Sorry about the typo’s in the review.

first thoughts- So when I first heard Angel Beats was getting an anime, I heard it was related to the works of Key, wich I absoulty adore, In was exited. So when April 2010 rolled around it was time Angel Beats started airing. I first thought Angel Beats! was going to be a romantic comedy with a lot of drama, boy was I wrong. The first episode starts as our protangist otonashi Yusuru wakes up in a strange world with the main heroine Yuri with a sniper rifle aiming for a girl who is Tenshi, the enemy, so this show is a life and death drama.

Story- The hero wakes up in a strange world where everyone has died. The story is a little hard for me to explain, because it’s like Umineko where  the plot gets confusing and goes over your head. But any way Angel has a great plot, not something you normally see in moe.

charachters- Even though there is a big cast of bishie boys (I love TK) there arem many cute girls, the most popular being Yui and Tenshi. The carahters are all loveable and the protanginst is pretty bishie and not hateable like mosy moe protaginsts are.

animation- The animation is so stellar I thought it was Kyoto Animation, but no it is PA System Works. Unlike most moe series which have bland animation, the animation in Angel is so stealar, they went all out to make the animation near perfect.

music- Again a great job here as well, some of the songs were bland and forgetable but there are some memroable. The oppeing theme My Soul Your Betas is performed by Lia, who did the theme songs for Air, Tomoyo After It’s A Wonderful Life, and Clannad After Story. This song is really beautiful, with a piano melody, In the beinging of the oppeing it shows Tenshi playing the piano. The ending song Brave Song byAoi Tada, is also a beautiful song. Unlike most moe anime theme songs are usually forgetable however Angel’s themes are very memorable

Voice acting-  Not the best but still great never the less. One thing to point out since TK usually speaks in english, his voice is done by  Michael Rivas, who I take it is Amercian who lives in Japan.

Overall- A really beautiful anime, that I highly recamend. Life and Death drama’s are the best, and this one is perfect in that genre. So if you are like me and are a big fan of the works of Key, you have to see this anime.

Kuroshitsuji 2 episode 1, my honest thoughts+ screencap comics

July 4, 2010

So I finally saw Kuroshitsuji 2 episode 1 at the beach and I am going to share my honest thougts and some screencap comics, I cant put them on DA so here on my blog. I think Alois is a fucking dick, he tries to piss people off, but I still love him though, but I feeln sorry for the maid. Claude is the polar opisite of Sebastian, he probally does not like Alois. Later on Sebastian comes in a disguise and later fights with Claude, they must really hate each other. In the chest Sebby had was Ciel, looks like Sebby went there to get Ciels ring back. So looks like will be about Sebastian and Ciel VS Claude and Alois, cant wait for the nect episode. In the preview we see The Phantomhive manor staff and Elezibeth, hopefully Grell will return as well

so for now here are some screencap comics

Until the end, I will still be watching

Jast USA licenses Kikouyoku Senki Tenkuu no Yumina

July 2, 2010

Today Jast USA announced they licensed Kikouyoku Senki Tenkuu no Yumina by Eternal and Will. It is due out at Anime Expo 20111.

July 2010 poll Kuroshitsuji 2, yay or boo

July 2, 2010

Kuroshitsuji started on July 1, so are you exited or pissed off. NEWSFLASH- At Anime Expo Funimation has announced licensing and simlcasting Black Butler 2, so yay

best fetish ever- Zettai Ryouiki

July 1, 2010

In the 2000’s sexy thigh high stockings became all ther rage in the world of anime esspically in bishoujo games. Thigh high stockings can be seen anywhere in anime, manga, and cosplay. Unforunly (sorry for typo) the trend is not so popular in Amercia, we would rather wear capri leggings, a shame. Not only is it seen on girls but guys at well, creapy eh?

Yep Alois from Kuroshitsuji 2 is a zettai ryouiki boy.

Even on little girls in anime wear thigh high’s, the amercian equvient is capri leggings

I agree zettai ryouiki is great but I have limits I dont draw all my female charachters in zettai ryoiki because it is not for eveyone, I know Mikeou is a big fan of zettai ryoiki they never draw girls in knee socks, never

There are sevral anime’s that have only zettai ryouiki heroine, I agree it is great but have some limits

Akane Ikigami is also a big fan hardly draws girls in knee socks eaither

Same with the Trabulance artist