best fetish ever- Zettai Ryouiki

In the 2000’s sexy thigh high stockings became all ther rage in the world of anime esspically in bishoujo games. Thigh high stockings can be seen anywhere in anime, manga, and cosplay. Unforunly (sorry for typo) the trend is not so popular in Amercia, we would rather wear capri leggings, a shame. Not only is it seen on girls but guys at well, creapy eh?

Yep Alois from Kuroshitsuji 2 is a zettai ryouiki boy.

Even on little girls in anime wear thigh high’s, the amercian equvient is capri leggings

I agree zettai ryouiki is great but I have limits I dont draw all my female charachters in zettai ryoiki because it is not for eveyone, I know Mikeou is a big fan of zettai ryoiki they never draw girls in knee socks, never

There are sevral anime’s that have only zettai ryouiki heroine, I agree it is great but have some limits

Akane Ikigami is also a big fan hardly draws girls in knee socks eaither

Same with the Trabulance artist


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