Kuroshitsuji 2 episode 1, my honest thoughts+ screencap comics

So I finally saw Kuroshitsuji 2 episode 1 at the beach and I am going to share my honest thougts and some screencap comics, I cant put them on DA so here on my blog. I think Alois is a fucking dick, he tries to piss people off, but I still love him though, but I feeln sorry for the maid. Claude is the polar opisite of Sebastian, he probally does not like Alois. Later on Sebastian comes in a disguise and later fights with Claude, they must really hate each other. In the chest Sebby had was Ciel, looks like Sebby went there to get Ciels ring back. So looks like will be about Sebastian and Ciel VS Claude and Alois, cant wait for the nect episode. In the preview we see The Phantomhive manor staff and Elezibeth, hopefully Grell will return as well

so for now here are some screencap comics

Until the end, I will still be watching


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