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anime review Kuroshitsuji

September 10, 2010

every year there are tons of maid shows of maid bishoujo’s and the master usually as un bishie perverted male charachter has his perverted fanastsies come ture. Now how about the other side a show about a bishie butler and a cute master, well fangirls your pleas have been answered, Kuroshitsuji is like a breath of fresh air to see something diffrent. Back when the anime first started airing in Ocotober 2008, I had no intrest in this show, I watched crap like Cahos Head and Akane Iro Ni Somaru Saka instead. The popularity and how Sebastian looks simmilar to Mukuro from Reborn was enough to push me away. My prferance in anime is moe or anime with cute girls and horror. Well since Kuroshitsuji was not yaoi or shonen ai in any form ( I dislike yaoi, I perfer yuri) I diceded to sit down and watch and see if it was worth all the love, well I fell in love with this show and had to watch the rest. And now along with Gintama Kuroshitsuji is my favorite anime at the moment.

story- A cute shota boy Ciel Phantomhive is the coolest kid on the block with his super bishie butler Sebastian, they can do anything from a dinner party gone wrong, to crazy little fiances, or killing mafia thugs with silverware, Sebastian is not human, but a demon and a butler, and thus creating a story unlike those of all the maid shows I usually watch. I have never seen something like this before, so yes Kuroshitsuji is one of the most orginal stories in a sea of average maid shows, nice to see the of a butler this time.

animation- it gets the job done, nothing stellar like Kyoto Ani, but really nice at the same time, so much better then something bland like Gift Eternal Rainbow

charachters- the best part, as a moetaku (I love cute anime girls) Kuroshitsuji hardly has any female charachters, but the one’s that are in here are attrative, aw, who cares about the female charachters? It’s the bishies we all love, and fangirls Kuro has a lot of bishies to offer. From our bishie butler to the child  master to the crazy shinigami, to the creapy doll guy, one of these bishie boys will tickle your fancy.

music- The oppening Monochrome No Kiss by Sid is a visual kei rock song, I did not care for it, the song is good for the dark atmosphere of the show. The ending song I’m Alive by Becca who also happens to be Amercian is a rock song set to super adorable pictures of chibi Sebastian, as I dont care for amercian female singers, I did not care for this song. The second ending is Lacrimosa by Kalafina is no dobut a beautiful song. The OST composed by the awsome Taki Iwasaki is naturaly good. Unlike most maid shows which have bland OST’s Kuroshitsuji has an excellent one. The OST has all sorts of sounds from classical, jazz, and indian sounds. A lot of the OST sounds what would be approprate for the victorian era.

voices- I never knew how awsome of a seiyu Daisuke Ono could be so perfect at a role I could fall in love with. They couldent (sorry typo) have picked a better man for the job, Ono is perfect as Sebastian, you cant get any better then that. He also does Kakeru in 11eyes and Batler in Umineko. Maaya Sakamoto is also the perfect voice for Ciel, I have not seen a lot of anime with her in it (I am a moetaku after all and she is hardly ever in anything moe) but I cant think of a better voice. Jun Fukuyama is no doubt one of my favorite seiyuu’s of all time and he does an excellent job playing Grell’s crazyness. The cast did an excellent job overall and you will enjoy it. Here is a bit of triva Paula is voiced by Yui Itsuki the vocalist behind Yousei Teikoku and Denkare, if you enjoy Kuroshitsuji check them out, Denkare’s songs are usually the theme’s for Black Cyc games, and I you like both Kuroshitsuji and eroge, play their games.

pros- good story, orginal plot, bishie boys

cons- lack of female charchters

overall- Kuroshitsuji deserves all the praise and love it gets, and I can see why, it’s orginal and thrilling. I dont recamend 

this show for people (the moetaku) who like pervy maid shows is skip this show. But if you are a girl and love bishies give this show a go, you will love it. Kuroshitsuji’s blend of laugh out loud humor and heart pounding horror is near perfection


September 2010 poll exited about school?

September 4, 2010

so are you going back to school are you exited?