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Black Butler 1-4 dubbed, my honest thoughts

November 26, 2010

so finally Funi posts the first four episdoes of Black Butler dubbed, I also saw a tralier for it as well. So here are my honest thoughts on the dub. It was excellent despite the cast all having british accents, they were done very well. I did find it strange that Bard and Lau who were not orginally from England had the accents. I found Sebastian’s accent to be well done, in fact I loved his voice, not as perfect as Ono Daisuke in the orginal Japanese, but it is still great never the less. Ciel sounded like an older woman, but he still sounded fine. I knew I would be looking foward to the dub when I saw that Monica Rial was going to be involved, she does Meirin, and her british accent on Meirin is really cute. I dont rember much of Grell, what I heard was good. I also loved Undertakers voice, it was pretty funny to listen to. So there are my honest thought’s, I cant wait to get the show on DVD, and watch the rest


Black Butler ep 1-4 dubbed are now on Funimations streaming + DVD detalis

November 21, 2010

Today I found out that Funi has posted the first four episodes of Black Butler dubbed on their streaming site, I just watched ep 1 and it was great. The dub orginaly premared at Anime Festival New York. the charachters have british accents. And the Black butler DVD collection 1 due in Janurary 2011, will have a limited edition, I dont have a clue on what the limited edition will come with yet I will let you know when I find out

Anime USA 2010 (pics coming soon)

November 21, 2010

Well me and my buddy went to Anime USA on saturday and had a blast. I had a rice ball and Joe had a burger at the maid cafe, The maid cafe was awsome, the maids were cute. We went to a AMV editing panel it was 3 hours too complicated for me. And I went to the CG panel hoping how to learn how to color in photoshop, but it was about 3d CG so I was not intreded. Pictures will be coming soon, as I took them on a disposeable camera, I cant find my digital one. I was gender bender Okita from Gintama, and Joe wore my akatsuki cloak

notable cosplay

many Sebastians and Grell’s (one Sebby was a guy), 3 princess Ciels, several Ciels

1 Yoko from Gurren Laghn

not one but two Gintoki’s from Gintama (I was so happy)

several Maka’s, 2 Black Stars, 2 Death the Kids, 1 Tsubaki, 1 Soul, 1 Spirit, and several Crona’s from Soul Eater

Girls Dead Monster members, and 1 TK from Angel Bets. (yeah TK)

1 Chrome, 1 Tsuna, 2 Hibari’s, 1 Mukuro and the first generation cloud garudian from KHR

1 Yako from Neuro

November 2010 poll. What do you think of Justin Beiber?

November 4, 2010

So the king of pop. what are your thoughts