Anime USA 2010 (pics coming soon)

Well me and my buddy went to Anime USA on saturday and had a blast. I had a rice ball and Joe had a burger at the maid cafe, The maid cafe was awsome, the maids were cute. We went to a AMV editing panel it was 3 hours too complicated for me. And I went to the CG panel hoping how to learn how to color in photoshop, but it was about 3d CG so I was not intreded. Pictures will be coming soon, as I took them on a disposeable camera, I cant find my digital one. I was gender bender Okita from Gintama, and Joe wore my akatsuki cloak

notable cosplay

many Sebastians and Grell’s (one Sebby was a guy), 3 princess Ciels, several Ciels

1 Yoko from Gurren Laghn

not one but two Gintoki’s from Gintama (I was so happy)

several Maka’s, 2 Black Stars, 2 Death the Kids, 1 Tsubaki, 1 Soul, 1 Spirit, and several Crona’s from Soul Eater

Girls Dead Monster members, and 1 TK from Angel Bets. (yeah TK)

1 Chrome, 1 Tsuna, 2 Hibari’s, 1 Mukuro and the first generation cloud garudian from KHR

1 Yako from Neuro


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