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Megaman Gigamix licensed by Udon, vol 1 on sale may 2011

January 28, 2011

today ANN annoucend that Udon enetertaiment has added the megaman Gigamix manga done by the author of Megaman megamix. vol 1 is due out in May, Yay more megaman manga, please get Star Force Udon.

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Black Butler limited pressing is sold out at wholesale

January 15, 2011

According to anime on DVD forums, the Black Butler season 1 part 1 limited pressing has been sold out at wholesale. That means t is selling very well, that must be good for Toboso Yana the creator who decred fans who told her that the pirated her works. I am glad I preoderd mine as a christmas present. If you want this dont wait. read more here

Black Butler season 1 part 1 now on sale

January 5, 2011

Finnaly Funi has released Black Butler. The limited edition which I have rescived today. The limited edition features beter pachking (sorry for typo’s) The logo was wriiten in foil and the artbox is chipboard. It’s really nice in real person. And the dub so far is great. The DVD’s have reversible covers

Januray 2011 poll Naurto or Black Star

January 4, 2011

Since Naruto from Naruto and Black Star from Soul Eater are like twins, who do you perfer?


Da Capo first impression

January 4, 2011

I purchased Da Capo from Mangagamer on christmas day, and now I am going to give my two cents about it. I think it’s great. I really like the OST, most of the tracks are very memroable.  And it has Naru Nanao’s great art in it, many of the CG’s have stellar artwork. It’s a little hard to hear Sakura not voiced by Tamaura Yukari, but her voice is still cute. I already completed Sakura’s route, and maybe not as dramatic as a Key game, but still great. I’m going onto Nemu’s path next. Oh and I will admit I perfer Suginami in the anime version better. In the game he is not as bishie in the anime