my top ten anime convention tips

Since I am going to Katsucon and saturday (yay). I want to write a blog entry on con tips

1. preresiter ahead of time- It will save you money and not have to wait in a long line, I went to Anime USA 09 and had to pay 45 dollars at the door, luckily I preresterd for Anime USA 2o10

2. book your hotel room ASAP- if you are lucky enough to stay more then one (unforutnaly my mom wont let me stay overnight at Katsucon because of the weater). Book your room ahead of time. Hoetls near the con usually offer a discount

3. Make sure your cosplay is ready for the con- It’s not fun when your cosplay falls apart. So bring a sewing kit if you made your own cosplay

4. personal hygene- very important, take a showeer, brush your teeth, and dont forget your personal care items, and girls dont forget your girl stuff. Hygene your fellow otaku will thank you

5. probally the most important one of all, drink water, it’s not fun to be dehydrated at a con, esspically if your are cosplaying Sebastian and are wearing a tail coat in 500 dregree weather. Always bring a water botell with you

6. Eat real food- no Pocky and Ramune dont count as a meal, I learned that the hard way. I usually bring a luch bag with me, becuase food at the con is expensive and does not taste good. I bring pretzles, Craker Jack, chips, water bottel, a piece of friut and whatever we have in the pantry. If the con has a maid cafe, just rember the food will probally be expenive, so dont spend all your hard earned money in the dealears room, do you really need that Sebastian pencil board?

7. dont spend all your money in the dealers room- This is very important.If your like me you might have been babysitting or been working at your part time job to get money to spend at the con. At once you get in the dealers room you will be amazed at all the anime goodies for sale, however be careful you dont want to spend all that hard earned money in less then half an hour. I mean do you really need that Sebastian figure where you can get it cheaper online. Look around for deals, if you find a Sebastian Nendorid for 69 dollars at on dealer and you buy it, and then you find another dealer who is selling it for only 30, you should find the deals first before you buy. I rember at AMA a girl who spent all her money and asked freinds to lend her some, that is not a good thing to do. If you are staying overnight or for all three days wuth no parents, you wont have more money to buy meals. A lot of dealers sell anime DVD’s and manga cheap at a discount, I got the Idol Project OVA DVD for only 5 dollars, I have seen english manga cost the same too.

8. rules- also very inportant- Read the rules in your program guide, and follow them. You dont want to get banned from a con do you? It’s very important to memorize the wepons policy, one of the most important rule is no live steel, so dont bring a katana to the con. And if you buy a wepon you must take it out of the con area, so put in your hotel room or car. Dont glomp others without their premision (no matter how much you want to glomp the bishie boy cosplaying Sebastian) you could ruin someone’s hard work on their cosplay. If you follow all the rules there wont be any trouble.

9. packing- If you are going all three days make sure to bring everything you need when you go on a trip. Search on the internet to see check lists, they are very helpful

10. the most important one of all, have fun- Thats what anime conventions are for, to have lots of fun. You get to meet new people, seeing people in cosplay, shop in the dealers room, and all sorts of fun stuff.


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