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cosplay I want to do part 2

June 24, 2011

so here is more cosplay I want to do

Nagisa from Clannad- I love Nagisa a lot, she is my favorite heroine from Clannad. I have the brown hair

Tachibana Kanade from Angel Beats!- I love Kanade soooooo much, angel beats was such a beautiful and intense anime, I loved every episode of it, so naturally i want to cosplay the main heroines, Kanade should not be to hard to do

Nakamura Yuri- frpm Angel Beats!- Just like I said with Kanade, I want to cosplay Yuri as well. Yuri and kanade are both awsome, and are some of my favorite anime charachters

Nodaka from Princess Waltz- I am loving princess waltz so far, it’s so much fun. The princess themsleves seem hard to do, but I am sure I could get the school uniform comminsied, and I have the socks and brown hair

Matsuri from Family Project- In my opinion kazoku Keikaku in Japan is a under apricated series, there is no anime, manga, or many fan art. I am happy this game got an english release. I want to cosplay matsuri my favorite charachter

Nemu from Da Capo- I recently finished the game a while back and I loved the anime, so I want to cosplay nemu


June 2011 poll, organization 13 or Akatsuki

June 16, 2011

sorry for the late poll here it is

organization 13 from the Kigdom Hearts series seems to be the new Akatsuki Naruto. so who do you perfer?