cosplay I want to do part 2

so here is more cosplay I want to do

Nagisa from Clannad- I love Nagisa a lot, she is my favorite heroine from Clannad. I have the brown hair

Tachibana Kanade from Angel Beats!- I love Kanade soooooo much, angel beats was such a beautiful and intense anime, I loved every episode of it, so naturally i want to cosplay the main heroines, Kanade should not be to hard to do

Nakamura Yuri- frpm Angel Beats!- Just like I said with Kanade, I want to cosplay Yuri as well. Yuri and kanade are both awsome, and are some of my favorite anime charachters

Nodaka from Princess Waltz- I am loving princess waltz so far, it’s so much fun. The princess themsleves seem hard to do, but I am sure I could get the school uniform comminsied, and I have the socks and brown hair

Matsuri from Family Project- In my opinion kazoku Keikaku in Japan is a under apricated series, there is no anime, manga, or many fan art. I am happy this game got an english release. I want to cosplay matsuri my favorite charachter

Nemu from Da Capo- I recently finished the game a while back and I loved the anime, so I want to cosplay nemu


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