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July 2011 poll, Light or L?

July 21, 2011

sorry this poll has been delayed so between Light and L of Death Note, who do you perfer?


mega news- GE Entertaiment is finally making mega Man stuff

July 17, 2011

I am so happy GE is finally making Megaman goodies. I always noticed that video game merchandise was only Mario and Sonic, now now dont get me wrong I love Mario and Sonic a lot, but why no Megaman goodies. But we are finally getting some

Megaman X6 wall scroll, this is now on sale

Megaman X4 playing cards- will get along with the black Butler ones

key chains- there is also Protoman and Bass

pins- there others too

cell phone straps- will get for sure- there is also Protoman and Bass

wristbands- sweet, there is also a megaman X4 one, and patches

see the whole list here