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my top ten anime convention tips

February 14, 2011

Since I am going to Katsucon and saturday (yay). I want to write a blog entry on con tips

1. preresiter ahead of time- It will save you money and not have to wait in a long line, I went to Anime USA 09 and had to pay 45 dollars at the door, luckily I preresterd for Anime USA 2o10

2. book your hotel room ASAP- if you are lucky enough to stay more then one (unforutnaly my mom wont let me stay overnight at Katsucon because of the weater). Book your room ahead of time. Hoetls near the con usually offer a discount

3. Make sure your cosplay is ready for the con- It’s not fun when your cosplay falls apart. So bring a sewing kit if you made your own cosplay

4. personal hygene- very important, take a showeer, brush your teeth, and dont forget your personal care items, and girls dont forget your girl stuff. Hygene your fellow otaku will thank you

5. probally the most important one of all, drink water, it’s not fun to be dehydrated at a con, esspically if your are cosplaying Sebastian and are wearing a tail coat in 500 dregree weather. Always bring a water botell with you

6. Eat real food- no Pocky and Ramune dont count as a meal, I learned that the hard way. I usually bring a luch bag with me, becuase food at the con is expensive and does not taste good. I bring pretzles, Craker Jack, chips, water bottel, a piece of friut and whatever we have in the pantry. If the con has a maid cafe, just rember the food will probally be expenive, so dont spend all your hard earned money in the dealears room, do you really need that Sebastian pencil board?

7. dont spend all your money in the dealers room- This is very important.If your like me you might have been babysitting or been working at your part time job to get money to spend at the con. At once you get in the dealers room you will be amazed at all the anime goodies for sale, however be careful you dont want to spend all that hard earned money in less then half an hour. I mean do you really need that Sebastian figure where you can get it cheaper online. Look around for deals, if you find a Sebastian Nendorid for 69 dollars at on dealer and you buy it, and then you find another dealer who is selling it for only 30, you should find the deals first before you buy. I rember at AMA a girl who spent all her money and asked freinds to lend her some, that is not a good thing to do. If you are staying overnight or for all three days wuth no parents, you wont have more money to buy meals. A lot of dealers sell anime DVD’s and manga cheap at a discount, I got the Idol Project OVA DVD for only 5 dollars, I have seen english manga cost the same too.

8. rules- also very inportant- Read the rules in your program guide, and follow them. You dont want to get banned from a con do you? It’s very important to memorize the wepons policy, one of the most important rule is no live steel, so dont bring a katana to the con. And if you buy a wepon you must take it out of the con area, so put in your hotel room or car. Dont glomp others without their premision (no matter how much you want to glomp the bishie boy cosplaying Sebastian) you could ruin someone’s hard work on their cosplay. If you follow all the rules there wont be any trouble.

9. packing- If you are going all three days make sure to bring everything you need when you go on a trip. Search on the internet to see check lists, they are very helpful

10. the most important one of all, have fun- Thats what anime conventions are for, to have lots of fun. You get to meet new people, seeing people in cosplay, shop in the dealers room, and all sorts of fun stuff.


Anime Mid Alantic 2010

June 14, 2010

I was at AMA on Satutday and has an aswome time. I met a lot of cool people there. So if I met you there I am Magicalgirlj, this is my blog. I went to an intresting panel about death and shinsigami in Japanese cluture. I was cosplaying Okita gender bender, Sorry I did not take any pictures of me cosplaying the zipper on my vest broke, I wrote a blog about my Shinsengumi outfit, so you can see my Okita-chan cosplay there.

The figures I bought, I got the big one (Nagisa from Clannad) for only 24.99. The smaller figures were only 2.00 dollard each. I know I compalained about how much I hate seeing doujin artists always draw To Heart 2 fan art, I could not resist on how cute the To heart 2 figure was, she is missing a hand. The others are Mai from My Hime and Kano from Air

My buttons. I bought the super happy simeley face for my buddy Joe who could not come. I foud a Zero from Megaman X button, yay I love Zero. They gave some free goddies at the Otakaon table. I want to go there, but I will probally be at the beach, and it’s too far of a driveI bought a lot of Gintama charamates hoping for Hijikata, I got the silver Gintoki for free, the guy at that booth says it came with a box of it. Since I dont have a lot of room for more charamates on my cellphone, I put these on a charm braclet. I thought the Okita plush keychain was cuter than Hijikata so I got Okita instead

All the good I got. No hentai games though, at least they had hentai this year. I got the Air S.A.V.E. edition for only 20 bucks. I also got all three volumes of Gunslinger packed toghether for the same price. They had a Hatsune Miku shirt so I got an X large, although I think it’s pretty small. And I also got a Kamina plushie, yay.

notable cosplay

sevral Hatsune Miku’s, 1 Len, and 1 Luka

Kamina and Yoko and several Simons from Gurren Laghn

1 C.C. from Code Geass, with a Pizza Hut box

2 Sebastian, 3 Ciels and 1 Grell from Kuroshitsuji

Lots of Hetalia Axis Powers, I personally dont care for that show, I was waitng for Shinigami panel, the Hetalia pannel was still going on, so many girls even guys were packed in thar room

two Rosario Vampire charachters

many Yuki Crosses from Vampire Kngiht

1 L, 1 Mello and 2 Misa’s from Death Note

1 Tohou the bunny girl (sorry dont know the name)

Nostalgia Critic (too bad there was no AVGN cosplayer as well)

My next con post will be Anime USA

katsucon 2010, saturday

February 17, 2010

I went to Katsucon on Saturday and had a blast. I went all out this year in my cosplay instead of my half assed Squalo cosplay as last year. This time I did gender bender Hijikata. The con center was incredible, it reminded me of Embassy Suites hotels.

all the stuff I bought, not pictured, Pick Me honey and Tottemo Pheronome, Two H games from G-Collections. I mangaed to find Oulanders on DVD, glad I got it because CPM went out of business. I also get a Takasugi Shinsuke plushie, never seen that on Ebay. I also got a Takasugi charamate and a Kagura cookie like strap.

notable cosplay

2 Grell’s, many Ciels, 1 Sebastian, 2 Undertakers and 2 Madam Red’s from Kuroshitsuji

many Yoko’s, 1 Kamin nd 1 Simon from Gurren Laghn

1 C.C., and serveral Lelouch’s from Code Geass

many Orginazation 13’s from Kingdom Hearts

1 Tsuna, 2 Gokudera’s and 1 Chrome from KHR

2 Gintoki’s from Gintama (joy)

one historical Shinsengumi

my Shinsengumi outfit came, cosplay pics

February 3, 2010

On Febrary 1 my Shinsengumi outfit came, so here are pictures. I know I dont look like Okita (gender bender). So no rude comments please

Anime USA November 21

December 5, 2009

I went to Anime USA in Arlgton Viginia and had a blast. I cosplayed Kagura from Gintama

ok my cosplay is not so good. I did not se any other Gintama cosplayers either. I also went to the maid cafe. It was easy to get into, you just buy tickets for what you want, and give them to your maid. At Katsucon you had to make a reservation and the line was long and did not budge, so I gave up then. I had an onigiri, yum. The maids wore a variety of maid outfits and looked nice.

notable cosplay

many Misa’s from Death Note

Light, L and Mello also from Death Note

Tsuna and Hibari from Reborn

Lelouch and Shirley from Code Geass

Kamina from Gurren Laghn

Minori and Ryugi from Toradora

Battler, Jessica, and Maria from Umineko

someone from Ghostbusters

3 Sebastians, 4 Ciel’s and 2 Grell’s from Kuroshitsuji. I had the privialge of riding an elevator with Sebastian cosplayers twicd

yuri pic yay

and here is the stuff I bought

not pictured, Crtical Point and Snow Sakura, two eroge’s from J-list. Yeah they were there. I manged to find a Hijikata plushie (yay).

my new Grell and Sebby from Kuroshitsuji buttons

my next con post will be Katsucon

cosplay I want to do

October 21, 2009

since it is almost halloween I want to show the world the cosplay I want to do

1.3954307813a4166058975b508175015ml Hibiki Misora( Sonia Strum) from Ruysei No Rockman (Megaman Star Force)

why- because she is my favorite gorl from the Megaman series and she is cute.

2.yuki[2] Cross Yuki from Vampire Knight

why- I have the brown hair the thigh high stockings, and she is a great shoujo hearoine that I have a lot o respect for. and she is cute no wonder Zero and Kaname like her ^_^

3.Haineotomiyakuva Otomiya Haine from the Gentlemens Alliance

why- She is the heroine I look up to, she has been put up through a lot of crap in her life and she remains upbeat she is the perfect role model

4.mabinogi_nao_C Nao from Mabinogi

why- I fell in love with this girl several years before Mabinogi came to the US and now that is here I love this girl she is sweet and I really want to cosplay her. If only they would make a costume

5. 0682915222b290_full Lenalee from D. Gray Man

why- I know D.Gray gals (fangirls) dont give Lenalee a chance because they wouyld rather see Allen with Lavi or Kanda ( I dont like yaoi). Bute Lenalee is my favorite female charachter. I wasnt tp cosplay her because it sounds fun.

6. Yuka_Minase Minase Yuka from 11 Eyes

why- I have always been intrested in 11 Eyes before the anime version was announced, when it was announced I got exited and now Crunchyroll is streaming it (yay).( first look mini review comming soon.) I love Yuka the heroine, I love girls named Yuka. I have the brown hair and the stockings like I mentioned with Yuki, and ebay has coustumes.

7.st_jsgw_f Hatsune Miku from Vocaloid

why- everyone loves her ( you do to admit it) cosplaying her sounds fun, and the coustume is just a hop skip and a jump away to Ebay.

8.maylMeiru (Malyu) from Rockman EXE (Megaman Battle Network

why- I love her, she is Lan’s gal. She is cute and looks fun to cosplay. I have the socks

9.img109Hijikata Tomoyo (gender bender) from Gintama

why- I love drawing my favorite anime guys as girls and I coundent resist doing Hijikata Toshiro (Toshi) as a girl, and a tsundere to boot. All I need is a Shinsengumi outfit ( easily sold at Ebay) with a miniskirt Yes I said miniskirt. I have a black hair wig, and the socks, now all I need is black boots, mine are laceup. (dodging the Toshi fangirls angry wrath) while Okita chan (yes I also gender bendered him) laughs, just wait till you see Kondo chan