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my top five favorite bishies

October 21, 2009

Normally I like anime girls the best, but like most anime fangirls I also love the boshies, so my prsent to you my top five favorite anime bishies and three honorable mentions

5.[large][AnimePaper]scans_Kuroshitsuji_juu-yuki(0_71)__THISRES__224631Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji

why- When Kuroshitsuji first started airing on Japanese TV I did not care for it, and I got annoyed with the populairty and thought Sebabstian was a rip off of Mukuro from Katekyo Hitman Reborn, so one day I sat down and watched the seiries to see if it was worth all the hallobo, and I got hooked and fell in love Sebabstian. Please dont be mad Sebby fangirls but I want to gende bender him, no one did it yet. And PS the show is really funny too. Yay horror and comedy.

4.vlcsnap234263su6Okita Sougo from Gintama

why- just look at him, he is a cutie, Dont let his innocent appearnce fool you, this guy is a sadist who wants to see nothing more than the vice commander of the Shinsengumi Hijikata Toshiro dead. He will do anyting to accomplish this goal. I love this guy he makes me laugh. dont hate me for this fangirls but here is him gender bender, meet img110Okita Shirori

3.lelouchLelouch from Code Geass

why- When Code Geass first hit Japanese TV I could care less. It even beat Haruhi Suzumiya in the Newtype Japan favorite anime poll. bndai Entertaiment licensed the show, A while before the first part DVD went on sale I had a dream about the protaginst Lelouch and then I started to intrested it. And bought the first DVD and got hooked on it. I also got two of my other freinds in it. I love Lelouch he is a very appealing anti hero and a total hottie. all hail lelouch

2.4e776426ee9b54a200be24d1f3a1468d1235207333_full Superbi Squalo from Katekyo Hitman Reborn

why- I have a weakness for guys with long hair and bad guys. He is totalyy BA. and his quoto VOIIIIIIIII is cool. I really want to hear him in an english dub. Plelase license KHR Funimation.

and no 1 goes to




65077HIJIKATA TOSHIRO from Gintama

why- this guy is a hottie and his love of mayonnaise is hillarious, I like how he gets angry eaisly. I would call him the man tsundere. Dont know what that is watch Taiga in Toradora and youll know.

honarable mentions

[large][AnimePaper]wallpapers_Kuroshitsuji_starfox66(1_25)__THISRES__94106Grell from Kuroshitsuji

why- A way hotter shinigami than Ryuk in Death Note. This guy is crazy, he will make you laugh until you cry from laughing so hard. And yaoi fangirls perk up this guy has the hotts for Sebabstian, He wants to be a girl he even wears short shorts (you have to see it to beleive it.) He even has a killer streak watch out for his chainsaw.

14063063Ito Kamataro from Gintama

why- nerds you love em or hate em. I love laughing at the Angry Video Game Nerd for cussing and funny antics at playing horrible classic video games. Also laughing at the nostolgia crtic for ranting at horrible classic movies. Hating and loving Aizen from Bleach for being an evil nerd, and speaking of evil nerds my favorite evil nerd would have to be this  guy Kamataro Ito from Gintama. Simillar to Lelouch of Code Geass he starts a rebellion to take over the Shinsengumi and do unmentaionble crimes with my OC this guy could be the Zero of Gintama. He is determned to defeat Hijikata at anyhting and kill him while he is at it. Allready hate him, when you see his past you will feel sorry for him in Visual Arts Key fasion. I am sad the Ito arc was only 4 episodes long but if you cried at the end of the Air anime or during Kanon and Clannad. You will cry at the end of the Ito arc. Oh yeash he is also not safe from me doing a gender bender comming soon. ah how it sucks to be Ito.

katekyo-hitman-reborn-episode-46Belphegor from Katekyo Hitman Reborm

why- Just looking at him with hair in front of his eyes shows how creativea nd uniqe Akira Aamano is, This bishie boy is a prince, of what I dont know but this prince rules my fangirl heart. And he also is a phyco seriller killer just like Grell mentioned above.

And there we have it