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mega news- GE Entertaiment is finally making mega Man stuff

July 17, 2011

I am so happy GE is finally making Megaman goodies. I always noticed that video game merchandise was only Mario and Sonic, now now dont get me wrong I love Mario and Sonic a lot, but why no Megaman goodies. But we are finally getting some

Megaman X6 wall scroll, this is now on sale

Megaman X4 playing cards- will get along with the black Butler ones

key chains- there is also Protoman and Bass

pins- there others too

cell phone straps- will get for sure- there is also Protoman and Bass

wristbands- sweet, there is also a megaman X4 one, and patches

see the whole list here


even more Black Butler GE goodies coming soon

December 24, 2010

I recently went to GE’s site and they have even more goddies coming out

this might be my new wallet

yea a Sebby keychain

a brand new messenger bag

to cute ^_^

yea a Grell shirt

a stylish t shrt for otaku

yay a Sebby plushie

new Black Butler GE goodies on sale

December 7, 2010

so GE is making all this cool stuff. Most of it is already out, so here are some pictures of it

cool beanie, I can keep my head warm in style

I’m thinking about getting this as my new wallet. I cant deicde between the pentagram one or the Blair one from Soul Eater

phantomhive logo neklace. I am gettng one for chirstmas

cool mesenger bag, and stylish

cute way to take nites for my babaysitting gigs

a super satylish way to tell time

new Nendoroids comming soon

June 17, 2010

I saw on HLJ that there is a Ciel Phantomhive nendoroiod comming soon

hopefully Grell will be next

And on Anime Raku I saw three Angel Beats! nendoroids

My only question why no Tenshi or Yui? I definaly want Yuri

I found a Black Butler T shirt at

June 16, 2010

Sorry I could not get a bigger size. I was browsing today and found a cool Black Butler T shirt. So this means the DVD’s are comming soon

edit- here is a bigger size so lets hope a Grell shirt will be next

Sebabstian nedriod up for preorder

May 22, 2009

FIG-090324-1805D-2FIG-090324-1805DI was just doing a google search at school today and found this adorable Sebabstian from Kuroshitsuji nedriod figure today. I then went to Hobby Link Japan and found all sorts of Kuroshitsuji figures including this one. Now this guy wont be out until july and will hopefully be up for purchase when I go to Anime USA 2009. Hopefully they will come out with Mukuro (a guy who looks like Sebabstian from Katekyo Hitman Reborn) next. Here is a pic of a Mukuro figure I found


dont they look alike?