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Black Butler 1-4 dubbed, my honest thoughts

November 26, 2010

so finally Funi posts the first four episdoes of Black Butler dubbed, I also saw a tralier for it as well. So here are my honest thoughts on the dub. It was excellent despite the cast all having british accents, they were done very well. I did find it strange that Bard and Lau who were not orginally from England had the accents. I found Sebastian’s accent to be well done, in fact I loved his voice, not as perfect as Ono Daisuke in the orginal Japanese, but it is still great never the less. Ciel sounded like an older woman, but he still sounded fine. I knew I would be looking foward to the dub when I saw that Monica Rial was going to be involved, she does Meirin, and her british accent on Meirin is really cute. I dont rember much of Grell, what I heard was good. I also loved Undertakers voice, it was pretty funny to listen to. So there are my honest thought’s, I cant wait to get the show on DVD, and watch the rest


anime review Kuroshitsuji

September 10, 2010

every year there are tons of maid shows of maid bishoujo’s and the master usually as un bishie perverted male charachter has his perverted fanastsies come ture. Now how about the other side a show about a bishie butler and a cute master, well fangirls your pleas have been answered, Kuroshitsuji is like a breath of fresh air to see something diffrent. Back when the anime first started airing in Ocotober 2008, I had no intrest in this show, I watched crap like Cahos Head and Akane Iro Ni Somaru Saka instead. The popularity and how Sebastian looks simmilar to Mukuro from Reborn was enough to push me away. My prferance in anime is moe or anime with cute girls and horror. Well since Kuroshitsuji was not yaoi or shonen ai in any form ( I dislike yaoi, I perfer yuri) I diceded to sit down and watch and see if it was worth all the love, well I fell in love with this show and had to watch the rest. And now along with Gintama Kuroshitsuji is my favorite anime at the moment.

story- A cute shota boy Ciel Phantomhive is the coolest kid on the block with his super bishie butler Sebastian, they can do anything from a dinner party gone wrong, to crazy little fiances, or killing mafia thugs with silverware, Sebastian is not human, but a demon and a butler, and thus creating a story unlike those of all the maid shows I usually watch. I have never seen something like this before, so yes Kuroshitsuji is one of the most orginal stories in a sea of average maid shows, nice to see the of a butler this time.

animation- it gets the job done, nothing stellar like Kyoto Ani, but really nice at the same time, so much better then something bland like Gift Eternal Rainbow

charachters- the best part, as a moetaku (I love cute anime girls) Kuroshitsuji hardly has any female charachters, but the one’s that are in here are attrative, aw, who cares about the female charachters? It’s the bishies we all love, and fangirls Kuro has a lot of bishies to offer. From our bishie butler to the child  master to the crazy shinigami, to the creapy doll guy, one of these bishie boys will tickle your fancy.

music- The oppening Monochrome No Kiss by Sid is a visual kei rock song, I did not care for it, the song is good for the dark atmosphere of the show. The ending song I’m Alive by Becca who also happens to be Amercian is a rock song set to super adorable pictures of chibi Sebastian, as I dont care for amercian female singers, I did not care for this song. The second ending is Lacrimosa by Kalafina is no dobut a beautiful song. The OST composed by the awsome Taki Iwasaki is naturaly good. Unlike most maid shows which have bland OST’s Kuroshitsuji has an excellent one. The OST has all sorts of sounds from classical, jazz, and indian sounds. A lot of the OST sounds what would be approprate for the victorian era.

voices- I never knew how awsome of a seiyu Daisuke Ono could be so perfect at a role I could fall in love with. They couldent (sorry typo) have picked a better man for the job, Ono is perfect as Sebastian, you cant get any better then that. He also does Kakeru in 11eyes and Batler in Umineko. Maaya Sakamoto is also the perfect voice for Ciel, I have not seen a lot of anime with her in it (I am a moetaku after all and she is hardly ever in anything moe) but I cant think of a better voice. Jun Fukuyama is no doubt one of my favorite seiyuu’s of all time and he does an excellent job playing Grell’s crazyness. The cast did an excellent job overall and you will enjoy it. Here is a bit of triva Paula is voiced by Yui Itsuki the vocalist behind Yousei Teikoku and Denkare, if you enjoy Kuroshitsuji check them out, Denkare’s songs are usually the theme’s for Black Cyc games, and I you like both Kuroshitsuji and eroge, play their games.

pros- good story, orginal plot, bishie boys

cons- lack of female charchters

overall- Kuroshitsuji deserves all the praise and love it gets, and I can see why, it’s orginal and thrilling. I dont recamend 

this show for people (the moetaku) who like pervy maid shows is skip this show. But if you are a girl and love bishies give this show a go, you will love it. Kuroshitsuji’s blend of laugh out loud humor and heart pounding horror is near perfection

Angel Beats! review

July 11, 2010

So I finally saw all 13 episodes of Angel Beats!, and I loved it. So here is a review of it. Sorry about the typo’s in the review.

first thoughts- So when I first heard Angel Beats was getting an anime, I heard it was related to the works of Key, wich I absoulty adore, In was exited. So when April 2010 rolled around it was time Angel Beats started airing. I first thought Angel Beats! was going to be a romantic comedy with a lot of drama, boy was I wrong. The first episode starts as our protangist otonashi Yusuru wakes up in a strange world with the main heroine Yuri with a sniper rifle aiming for a girl who is Tenshi, the enemy, so this show is a life and death drama.

Story- The hero wakes up in a strange world where everyone has died. The story is a little hard for me to explain, because it’s like Umineko where  the plot gets confusing and goes over your head. But any way Angel has a great plot, not something you normally see in moe.

charachters- Even though there is a big cast of bishie boys (I love TK) there arem many cute girls, the most popular being Yui and Tenshi. The carahters are all loveable and the protanginst is pretty bishie and not hateable like mosy moe protaginsts are.

animation- The animation is so stellar I thought it was Kyoto Animation, but no it is PA System Works. Unlike most moe series which have bland animation, the animation in Angel is so stealar, they went all out to make the animation near perfect.

music- Again a great job here as well, some of the songs were bland and forgetable but there are some memroable. The oppeing theme My Soul Your Betas is performed by Lia, who did the theme songs for Air, Tomoyo After It’s A Wonderful Life, and Clannad After Story. This song is really beautiful, with a piano melody, In the beinging of the oppeing it shows Tenshi playing the piano. The ending song Brave Song byAoi Tada, is also a beautiful song. Unlike most moe anime theme songs are usually forgetable however Angel’s themes are very memorable

Voice acting-  Not the best but still great never the less. One thing to point out since TK usually speaks in english, his voice is done by  Michael Rivas, who I take it is Amercian who lives in Japan.

Overall- A really beautiful anime, that I highly recamend. Life and Death drama’s are the best, and this one is perfect in that genre. So if you are like me and are a big fan of the works of Key, you have to see this anime.

Gintama part 1 DVD review

May 28, 2010

So yay Gintama is out on R1 DVD, here is a review of it

packghing- A standard DVD case with a cool picture with Gintoki in action, on the back has a picture of Kagura and Shinpachi, which will be on the cover of cellction 2. The two discs are held on each side, the pictures on them are from some of the Japnese DVD releases.

story- Edo has been invaded my aliens AKA the amanto, 20 years after the war, Gintoki Is trying to get by as an odd jobs man, and will do anything for money, He meets Shinpachi Shimura after Gin-san ruined Shins job, he helps Shins sister from working at a shady nightlub. And they along with an alien Kagura are the Yoruza or Odd Jobs Gin.

sound- Gintama has all sorts of music, from rock and roll to country to just some strange songs, and of course some bad ass rock for action scenes. The subtitle and eye catcher all have a rock flavor.  As with most Sentai Filmworks releses there is no english dub, however with Clannad and several other titles, if Gintama does well it could get a dub, however I am not holding my breath. Gintama seems hard to dub, with all it’s Japnese jokes and langue puns, might not translate well in english, for example the joke where Prince Hata is called a baka prince or idiot in Japnese, in the subtitles it was changed to pin head prince. the voice acting does well to handle the nonsence. because there is a lot of it.

translation- you know like most anime DVD releases in the US, no honophics, names are westernised. Nothing ususal to point there, I metoned above abought the pin head prince joke above

overall- Highly recamended, I hate why anime subtitles have to westernise the names. Isao Kondo and Sougo Okita just sound akward, Beisdes the way Japanese names are done sounds a lot cooler than their western counterparts.

Eroge review- Pick Me Honey!

May 14, 2010

Hands down the worst bisoujo game I have ever played. When I dicovered how good I’m Going To Serve You 4 was, I thought ither Traubulance games would be good, I picked this game up at Katsucon at 2010, hoping for another good time, however this game was horrible.

story- D, typical your average joe hero, borthday’s coming up, so he wants to have a party with tons of hot zettai ryoikki girls. However dady says you are to take over the family bussiness so Reiji (the average joe) has to marry one of the girls in the room (Hazuki, Chihiro, and Mio), so basically they have sex with you untill you decide who you want, and have more sex. After you have the girls you can go after the adults as well, (Yoriko and Fubuta).

Art- A, the only goood thing in this game is the art. Just like all Traubulance games the art is stunning, they went all out to make the art great. The backrounds are well detailed, and the charachter art is stunning.

sound- C, the music is not as good as I’m Going To Serve You 4, heck it sounds typical like in a lot of bisoujo games, and unlike their earlier games, when the curent backround songs ends, it loops again, a good improvement. The voice acting is good, however backround charachters arent voiced, like Reiji and his father, some girls in the classrooms are voiced. There are several nayghty words bleeped out in the sex scenes, must be Japnese censorship laws.

system- A, you know you read the text make choices, the way I like it. And you can skip messages and save, plenty of save slots. Usually at the beging of the day you pick the hroine you want to hang with, in that screen they are in chibi form.

Ero- F, so much and it’s so disturbing, instead of a nice romanitc ride on a fercial (sorry typo) whell with Hazuki, you have to have sex with her instead. You have anal sex with Mio, and when she took a bath and scremed you dont want to know why she scremed.  And you have to have sex with Chirhiro when she is trying to cut carotts for dinner. I think you get the idea on how sick this game is. Oh and after you finish the hroines you get a harem route (yay more nasty sex). So yea if you love creappy sex scenes this game is for you.

overall- D, I am sure there are worse games then this like Water Closet, and there are several impovments from their ealier games like the music loops again when it ends, and having a staff roll. But even thast does not save it from getting near the bottom of the shit barel, so if you are looking for a good Trabulance game go for I’m Going To Serve You 4 or Tottemo Phermone, avoid this one at all costs, unless you like creapy sex romps.

eroge review- I’m Going To Serve You 4

April 6, 2010

Look at that cover it looks like just another sex romp, think again. Dont let this cover fool you this is a great game, and the first eroge I played.

story- You are average joe Koji, you are walking home from school with your freind Himeko and nearly get killed in a car accident, you wake up in Amercia, and then go back to Japan after recovering and having sex with your hot Amercian docter. When you return home you move in with your uncle, and four girls live with you and work at his uncles ressturant and they all love Kouji.  Aint he just the luckiest lad alive?  Yeah it sounds typical, but each heroine has a plot twist, and it makes the game so much fun. 

art- The art in this game is incredible, the heroines are beautful, the art in the backround is very detalied. The Trabulance artist is one of my favorites, their art is great and their girls are beautiful. So the art is just flawless.

music- Good job here too, each song is perfect for each scene and it dosent sound half assed like in Pick Me Honey. The oppening theme is sung by the women who does the songs in all of Trabulances games. This song is nice and reminds of Love Hina, so it brings the nostalgia feelings back.  My main prplem during the game when the current song in that scene ends, it dosent loop again, so you need to get used to it. The voice acting is not a masterpiece but gets the job done. However backround people never have voices, not even the women, expect your classmates during school scenes

ero- Not as much as other Traulance games but there are plenty of ero scenes. Usually when you take a girls path there are many harem scenes were a girl does something sexy, like putting friut on the bodies to eat or wash you in the bath, It’s way better then in Pick Me Honey. The english verison is 100 percent uncensored, so no worries about censorship.

system- near the begging of each day you chose which girl you want to be with, in a charachter slection screen, soon you get two choices click on the first choice each time you decide and you get the best ending, chose the bottom choices each time and get the other ending easy stuff. You can also skip previouslly read messages, and it goes by fast

overall- Dont let that sexy cover of Himeko scare you away this ia probally the best Trabulance game out there. Sure you might think it is nothing special, but each heroine has a plot twist and you have to see it to believe it, my personal favorite path was Leo’s. Sure there were things they could improve on, but this is a great game to play.  You should hurry and get your copy soon, the package edion is going out of print.

Snow Sakura (eroge review)

February 19, 2010

Today I finally finished tthe eroge Snow Sakura made by D.O. and released in english by G-collections. I purchased the game at Anime USA 2009. Now this is the kind of eroge I want to play, a love story not a sex romp like most G-Collections games. I hve to admit I like this game, it just was not the masterpiece I was hoping for, but it is a great game nerver the less.

story- when I first heard of this game, my thoughts were like Kanon (the snow) meets Da Capo (the sakura in the wrong season). However the game has the cliches you see in every bishoujo game and anime, the average hero (Yuuji) the pretty main heroine (Misaki) the tsundere or cousin(Saki), and of course the idiot freind(Sumiyoshi). You as Yuji are moving to Hokkido with your cousin Saki, who is a total tsundere, for once who does not wear thigh high’s like all the others. There is the pretty main heroine Misaki, her klutzy sister and you history tear, Kozue has a yuri thing for Misaki, Rei the cool and smart girl in glasses who is also a miko, and of course the idiot freind Sumiyoshi, he can be a phethedic Sunihara from Clannad (the ultimate idiot frind). Each herione path has drama, but it was not the Key like level of drama. I liked Misato’s path the best. The bad endings are not tragic or sad just life goes on.

sound- simple generic music you hear in a lot bisoujo games, but some songs were good, I have the OST on my Ipod. The opping and ending theme is a happy J pop song, not grounbraking song like the Key games, but not a bad listen either. The seiyu’s were fine, just no speactular voice acting, everyone has a voice epect the protaginst, but he was voiced in one sence. Even male charachters in the backround have voices, a lot of eroge’s I have played, male charachters in the backround have no voices even the female charachters(I’m Going To Serve You 4)

art- the game’s story may not be a masterpiece, but the art in this game is stellar, the male charchters look bland( well it is a bisoujo game )  the girls look nice, so yes if you want good art, this game is for you.

system- you read the text and make desions, typical stuff, I like that way. Also really helpful is skip previously read messages, goes by in a breeze.

Translation- it is professionatranslation, so no honofics, In the discription on the J list site, where the chracters are introduced the names are in the orginal Japnese order, however in the acutal game they are westernised, what the hell G-Collections?


Souyo Misaki- The main heroine of the story, cute but a total airhead. A nice girl, the younger sister of Misato the gang’s history teachedr, Misaki has her act better than Misato-sensei

sorry pictures for the other heroines are not avaible yet

Tachibana Saki- your cosusin and a tsundere, she makes makes your breakfest for you. To Yuuji she is another guy freind and her grades are not good.

Hiyama Kozue- Another one of your classmates she has yuri things and admires Misaki, she is the daughter of a welthy family.

Kisaragi Rei- your sempai, she is a shrine maiden at Yukito shrine where the Snow Skura is located. She also has a bad habit of smoking. Rei is pressured about her future

Souya misato- The big sister of Misaki and everyone’s history teacher. She is a big fan of Hijikata Toshizo of the Shinsengumi ( she would get a big kick out of Gintama) She is also a kluzts and dpes not have her act togther

overall- It is a good game not a masterpiece, if you are tired of G-Collections releaseing sex romp after sex romp, this the game for you.

Megaman Star Force Dragon review

October 26, 2009

250px-Wiki-starforceboxNow on sale from Capcom USA

Megaman Star Force has recived many bad reviews, Many people find this is a rip off of the Battle Network series, I enjoyed the game and am currently playing the third one and I broke  my DS (sob).

The main problem I have with the series is the corny name changes. The story follows a cute boy Geo Stellar whose father is lost in space, as a reslot he hardley ever goes to school anymore. One day he meets an alien named Omegaxis who they form togther and become Megaman. In Battle Network Megaman was on the internet, and Star Force is on the wave road. It’s up to Geo and Omegaxis to save the world from aliens as Megaman, and you have the front seat.

In Battle Network Megaman fought battles on a grid with 9 squares to fight on, in Star Force you fight on three squares, while the enymy is on the main field. Unlike the sequls Star Force 1 was not very changing, the trials to the boss werre harder than the boss, but Andromeda the final was the hardest boss in the game.

I really enjoyed the soundtrack, it souds a littler more advanced than the Battle Network series. There was a soundtrack released in Japan for both 1 and 2 if you can find it, I highly recamend it. The only voice acting in the game is on the menu, I thought it was pretty cool. I am not a big fan of english dubs, but that was allright to me.

PROS- the fun gameplay, the charachters, the soundtrack, Gemeni Spark (they are bad ass)

CONS- the name changes (4kids style), some of the bosses trials were tough

overall- highly recamended for purchase. Most BN ventrans might be disapointed with this game, and the target audiance would be young elementary school boys who dont relzaize Pokemon and Bakugan orginated in Japan. If you dont like RPG’s and do not like RPG’d should stick to the other series and call it today. I played Dragon which is a Gmestop exclusive.

Reborn vol 1-10 review

July 1, 2009


Reborn vol 1-10
now on sale from Viz Media
rated- T+
first impression- Back in October 2006, when this series was first getting released, I passed this off as another naruto or Bleach. I was like WTF when I saw the cover. But those days are long gone, I first saw and fell in love with the anime back in June 08, so I naturally decided to read the english manga, and have fallen in love with it. I even made an parody, that I want to make into an eroge.
story- A, Tsuna is your average lozer, oh but he is so cute. Well one day a home tutor named Reborn suddenly comes to his house, to make Tsuna into the tenth generation boss of the Vongola family. Tsuna meets bishie bomber Gokudera Hayato who becomes his faithful servant, much to Tsuna’s embarrament. The is also the bishie atleate Yamotmo Takeshi, who thinks the mafia is a fun game. The is the really cute girl Kyoko who is the girl of Tsuna’s dreams, her child hating best freind Hana. Oh and one of my favorites Hinari Kyouya, the head of the perfects and resident ice boy. Haru has a crush on Tsuna and loves cute things. There is also crybaby cow boy Lambo who can age ten years thanks to his ten year booszoka (and yes ten years later he is still a crybaby). Chinese cutie and gyoza kempo expert I-Pin who is really a girl. Sasagawa Ryohei the boxing nut and wants Tsuna to join the boxing club, oh and he is Kyoko’s older brother. Super bishie yet super klutz Dino the boss of the Chilavorane family. Later in the series we meet the bad ass bastard Mukuro Rokudo who wants to take over Tsuna’s body to destory the mafia. And finally in volume ten it is the start of my favorite arc when the Varia, the Vongola’s assasination squad comes in, to face of a series of Variable Geo like battles with the tenth generation Vongola boss at stake. Sound a bit much?
Translation- C I would give this an A if viz did not change so many things from the orignal japanese. Like we all know Gokudera calls Tsuna juudaime, which translated to tenth, but Viz decided to have Gokudera call Tsuna boss. Instead of dying will bullet we get deathperation shot, Colonello who shows up later no longer says hey after his setnaces. Instead of mukuro’s famous Kufufufufu it is just heheheheh. And the worst part the changed Squalo’s voi to hey. And I guaentee Belphegor’s shishsishsi’s are going to be hehehehehe.
art- B Akira Amano has become one of my favorite manga artists, her art shows she know how to draw bishie boys and pretty girls. My only complaint about there are too many boys and not enough girls, which expalins why Reborn has a large female fanbase, and yaoi doujinshi. It saddens me that there is barley any hentai doujinshi. charachters- A the best part, the charachters all hold a special place in my heart. I have a fangirly love for pretty much all the guys and an Akiba nerds love of the girls. I love how Bianchi holds food like a waitress and does not wear a skirt. It shows how Akira Amano is not like those Moe artists who draw waitresses in nothing but skirts and dresses.
overall- A+ I can’t believe I did not like this series. so what if the pages are full of drool worthy bishie boys, there is a few eyecandy for the guys and a little fanservice to top it all off. So what are you waitng for, go to the bookstore and get this manga now, you wont regret it. And if you belong to Crunchyroll check out the anime, it is awsome. Despite the changes Viz makes, reborn is a great series to read, besides all that stuff is in the anime.

Luna Online review

May 22, 2009



first words- I was on the internet and found a cute anime MMORPG called Luna Online, there was a US server in the works and knew it was coming. Well I went on Crunchyroll and found an ad so the US server was ready, so I downloaded it and fell in  love

Music-C not the best soundtrack, it was appriopiate and fit the scene perfectly. Not something I would media convert from a youtube video file.

gameplay-A not hard, you basilly click on a monster find out it’s level and click again to attack. It is quite fun, you can battle other users, make freinds, and join parties and you can level up pretty fast.

charachters-A Unlike most MMO’s you dont have lots of hairstyles and clothes to chose from. However in the begining you start out in the same outfit. Weather you are a girl or a guy you can make either a femle or a male charachter. I have seen many charachters who like mine (yikes), it’s way better than Ether Saga (review comming soon)

Overall-A+ it is really fun, I think I like it even better than Mabinogi. However there is some yuri and ecchi so if those things offend you and you are a hardcore yaoi fan girl, you might want to stick to Mabinogi and call it a day.