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mega news- GE Entertaiment is finally making mega Man stuff

July 17, 2011

I am so happy GE is finally making Megaman goodies. I always noticed that video game merchandise was only Mario and Sonic, now now dont get me wrong I love Mario and Sonic a lot, but why no Megaman goodies. But we are finally getting some

Megaman X6 wall scroll, this is now on sale

Megaman X4 playing cards- will get along with the black Butler ones

key chains- there is also Protoman and Bass

pins- there others too

cell phone straps- will get for sure- there is also Protoman and Bass

wristbands- sweet, there is also a megaman X4 one, and patches

see the whole list here


Megaman Gigamix licensed by Udon, vol 1 on sale may 2011

January 28, 2011

today ANN annoucend that Udon enetertaiment has added the megaman Gigamix manga done by the author of Megaman megamix. vol 1 is due out in May, Yay more megaman manga, please get Star Force Udon.

read more here

Megaman ZX volume 1 now on sale

June 24, 2010

Megaman ZX volume 1 has been released. Volume two is due in July. Hopefully if the Megaman manga’s sell well, maybe they will license the Star Force manga.

Megaman Megamix vol 1 now on sale

April 13, 2010

Megaman Megimix vol 1 has finally been released. They did a great job translating, and great artwork. The robot masters look bad ass. Volume 2 is coming in April. The book had ad’s for Megaman ZX manga, hopefully they will get the starforce manga as well

Megaman Star Force Dragon review

October 26, 2009

250px-Wiki-starforceboxNow on sale from Capcom USA

Megaman Star Force has recived many bad reviews, Many people find this is a rip off of the Battle Network series, I enjoyed the game and am currently playing the third one and I broke  my DS (sob).

The main problem I have with the series is the corny name changes. The story follows a cute boy Geo Stellar whose father is lost in space, as a reslot he hardley ever goes to school anymore. One day he meets an alien named Omegaxis who they form togther and become Megaman. In Battle Network Megaman was on the internet, and Star Force is on the wave road. It’s up to Geo and Omegaxis to save the world from aliens as Megaman, and you have the front seat.

In Battle Network Megaman fought battles on a grid with 9 squares to fight on, in Star Force you fight on three squares, while the enymy is on the main field. Unlike the sequls Star Force 1 was not very changing, the trials to the boss werre harder than the boss, but Andromeda the final was the hardest boss in the game.

I really enjoyed the soundtrack, it souds a littler more advanced than the Battle Network series. There was a soundtrack released in Japan for both 1 and 2 if you can find it, I highly recamend it. The only voice acting in the game is on the menu, I thought it was pretty cool. I am not a big fan of english dubs, but that was allright to me.

PROS- the fun gameplay, the charachters, the soundtrack, Gemeni Spark (they are bad ass)

CONS- the name changes (4kids style), some of the bosses trials were tough

overall- highly recamended for purchase. Most BN ventrans might be disapointed with this game, and the target audiance would be young elementary school boys who dont relzaize Pokemon and Bakugan orginated in Japan. If you dont like RPG’s and do not like RPG’d should stick to the other series and call it today. I played Dragon which is a Gmestop exclusive.

Megaman Star Force 3 now on sale

July 3, 2009


in the Gamestop near the Short Pump movie theater


Gamestop at Short Pump town center


I got Back Ace


Megaman Star Force 3 was released to store shelves on the 30th of June. But it did not arrive at my local Gamestop until July 1. My first thoughts are if you hate english dubs, you will be a little disapointed as this game has a little voice acting in it. That makes me mad, the first two games were voice free. I am not a big fan of dubs thanks to 4Kids. But anyway if you are a Megaman fan pick it up today. I will upload some more pics of the game in my local Gamestop stores, as soon as I can figure out how to get pictures from my digital camera on my computer.