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Corpse Party Book Of Shadows, the nightmare begins January 15 2013

January 9, 2013


Today Anime News network reported that today Xseed Games will release Book of shadows on the 15’th


Jan 2012 poll, If the Clannad manga’s were ever brought to the US would you buy it?

January 1, 2013


Happy new year and sorry for the long break. And now something that has been pissing me off about the US manga industry, manga based on bishoujo games never get licnesed in the US but otome game and yaoi ones do. And the sad news that no US publisher will ever want to get any of the Clannad manga’s. But if they ever did would you buy them? I know I would because I hate otome and yaoi games.

holy cow part 3

March 1, 2011

Today Jast USA’s final annoument has been revlead. They have School Days the famous full animated VN by Overflow. This game is famous for it’s bad endings. Holy cow I love your Jast USA. Sekai Project and Jast USA have teamed up for the release


Koihime Musou now on sale

February 28, 2011

Today Koihime Musou has finally been released. However there are no voices, but if the game sells more then 2,000 copies the voices will be added back in

Princess Waltz first impression

February 25, 2011

I have been drooling at this one for a while and I finally got it at Katsucon (entry coming soon ). let me just say wow this is awsome and so much fun. The special affects are great, the battle system is fun, and is has one hell of an epic soundtrack. The perfect eroge for those who love MMORPG’s like Mabinogi

Demonbane on gold master, on sale in March 2011

February 23, 2011

Today it has been announced that Demonbane by Nitroplus and it’s english release by Jast USA , is now on golden master. it is due out in March

holy cow part 2

February 2, 2011

Jast USA’s second big annoument has been reveled today. They have licensed Aselia the Eternal by Xuse.

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Da Capo first impression

January 4, 2011

I purchased Da Capo from Mangagamer on christmas day, and now I am going to give my two cents about it. I think it’s great. I really like the OST, most of the tracks are very memroable.  And it has Naru Nanao’s great art in it, many of the CG’s have stellar artwork. It’s a little hard to hear Sakura not voiced by Tamaura Yukari, but her voice is still cute. I already completed Sakura’s route, and maybe not as dramatic as a Key game, but still great. I’m going onto Nemu’s path next. Oh and I will admit I perfer Suginami in the anime version better. In the game he is not as bishie in the anime

holy cow!

December 29, 2010

One of Jast USA’s big announcments is Osanajimi my girlfreind is the President by Alcot has been licensed. Wow never in a million years did I think an Alcot game would be licensed. TLwiki has been working on an english patch

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Jast USA licenses Kikouyoku Senki Tenkuu no Yumina

July 2, 2010

Today Jast USA announced they licensed Kikouyoku Senki Tenkuu no Yumina by Eternal and Will. It is due out at Anime Expo 20111.