visual novel wishlist

so here is my wish list for all the VN’s I want to play that are in Japanese, I only speak English.

Sorry this is still under consrution, I am currently learning Japanese to play these games

Bifronte- a good looking horror game with a really beautiful oppeing theme. The little girl reminds me of Yuka from Gore Screaming Show

Air- I adore the works of Key, so naturaly I want to play their games. I love the anime, so naturaly I want to play the game

Dies Irae- I love gothic stuff. Has a gret gothic OST and bishies

Cahos Head- looks waaaaaaaaaay better then the anime. Good OST and Sakasi Mutsumi’s art is great

Gore Screaming Show- the one I want t play the most, I love Yuka. Too bad it looks like the patch got cancled, sucks to be Amercina instead of Japanese, not that it would have worked anyway

Mindead Blood- has the best OST, many songs are perfect for Kuroshitsuji in my opinion. And a kickass story about vampires, (way better then Tiwlight) and with a bishie main charachter

sharin No Kuni- Looks like Akabei Soft 2’s versio of Air, and it looks just as good. There is a english patch for the game, however it does not work for me. It also has I think a tsundere wearing knee socks instead of tigh high’s.

Cross Chanel- A really good looking game, with a great OST. Since Tanaka Romeo was involved I wish Jast USA would go after it. Luckily the patch will work all I need is a copy of the game, and it’s not cheap

Clannad- My favorite of Key’s works. I love the anime very much. I love Nagisa, Kyou, and Fuko.

Missutsu (typo) No Sacrifise- I know this game will not get an Amercian release. I am a huge horror freak, and this one looks great, with good artwork and gore


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