visual novels

here is a list of the visual novels I am playing and have played



curently playing

Family Project- I really like this one, full of drama, the artwork looksd pretty old but it gets the job done. maybe not the greatest VN ever but still a great one




Hininatabokko- a really cute game with super adorable art. Kind of reminds me of Di Gi Charat. Too bad the copany Tarte went out of bussiness, so I guess MG cant get the fandisk.



Gift- They relesed an english version for the Ipod touch, hey more VN’s in english is a good thing. great artwork. so much better than the anime


Kira Kira- for the Ipod touch, nice game, I love rock music so this game is right up my alley.



Da Capo- glad I finally purcahsed this game, Naru nano’s artwork, is just stellar and has a great OST


finsihed, the final boss was a pain in the ass

Princess Waltz- super fun, the art is great, the OST is epic, and they left the Japanese names in their orginall order. Too bad it has a professional tranlsation, but this is a great game never the less

finished playing



Snow Sakura- It may surffer from bisoujo game cliches, but it has stller artwork
check out my review



Hourglass of Summer- a good game with a really good plot, I am not techinly done with this yet, however the DVD player on my laptop does not play the game properly



Amusement Park- an average game that never got an uncut relese here. I want to play the whole game.  has really good art and music

Piece Of Wonder- A ok game, I could not beat one of the battles, no matter how hard I tired, so I gave up on it, has good music

Ever 17- Hands down the best visual novel I have ever played, and the first too. this game is well written and suspensfull, you dont know what happens next. Review comming soon

Pick Me Honey- Hands down the worst visual novel I have ever played. It’s so cliche, so many nasty sick sex scenes. It may have good art and music, but is still at the bottom of the shit barrel

I’m Going To Srve You 4- I highly recamend this game. It may look like an ordinary sex romp, but it is a great game, read my review for the whole story

Shuffle- thank you Mangagamer for relesing this great game, Primula’s path was the best. review comming soon

Bible Black- it’s awsome. A really good nukige. No wonder it’s so popular Cant wait for the second game

A prettly good game. Trabulance games always have great art


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